How to Play


You may play under various categories
  • Miscellaneous
  • Numerals
  • Social Media
  • Food
  • Cartoons
  • Super Heros

The category Miscellaneous is free to play in, while to play in other categories players need to earn reward points by playing within category Miscellaneous.

There are four levels in category Miscellaneous and each level has reward points associated with it.

  • Level 1 has 5 reward points
  • Level 2 has 10 reward points
  • Level 3 has 15 reward points
  • Level 4 has 50 reward points

Moreover, there are set number of moves associated with each level. The game must be completed within the given number of moves to earn reward points for that level.

The user may play in any of the four levels of the category Miscellaneous and earn reward points associated with each level.

Every game is associated with a time-counter. The time you take to finish your game is shown under Scores section. Your best ten scores are shown in descending order. You may also set your target time (maximum 6 Minutes) in which case your own score (indicated with a Trophy icon) will reflect in Scores section for the game you set a target time for.

Remember, game completion time has no bearing on your rewards points which are only earned if you complete a game within the specified moves.

Earned reward points may be used to unlock other categories.

For example, if user earns 100 reward points in category Miscellaneous he may use those to unlock category Numerals If user earns 300 or 500 or 700 or 1000 reward points in category Miscellaneous he may use those to unlock categories Numerals or Social Media or Food or Cartoons or Super Heros respectively

Each Category has four levels, each level being tougher than the previous. Further, each level needs to be completed in set number of moves.

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Earning Reward Points

User may earn Reward Points in two ways
  • By playing in category Miscellaneous.
  • By availing Daily Rewards.

Daily Rewards may be earned by going in the section Daily Rewards in the main menu. Here the user may spin the Reward Wheel every three hours to win reward points. These points so won may be used up in unlocking other categories.

Using Earned Reward Points

User may spend earned Reward Points in
  • Unlocking other Categories.
  • Spending in Booster Shop.

Booster Shop

User may enter Booster Shop by tapping the ‘basket’ icon on top right in any ongoing game. Here the user may boost up any current game by either buying extra Moves or Time in an ongoing game

Buying extra moves will issue more moves to the user for his ongoing game.

Buying extra time will stop time-counter for the time bought, thereby giving the user a chance to improve his score for an ongoing game.

User must have earned the required Reward Points to spend at Booster Shop.

Game Options


If you stray from a game you are playing and move on to another section of the Memory Flex App, the game will pause at where you left. You may tap on Resume to commence your game.

Restart Level

Buying extra moves will issue more moves to the user for his ongoing game.

Choose Level

You may tap on Choose Level to discard your current game and start new game at another level.


You may view best ten of your previous scores by tapping on Scores.


Tapping on this leads to options:

Switch game sounds.


You may customise the cards in the game and use your own. You may either use images from your device’s library or click your own.


Tells you about who we are.


Takes you to online support page.

Reset All Data

This will reset all your scores, earned reward-points, customised cards etc. and shall revert the App to default settings.

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Daily Rewards

You may visit this section to spin a wheel and earn random Reward Points. You may spin the wheel after every 3 hours of App usage and not before.